Your Patient Journey

The smile of your dreams is built on the best knowledge, cleanest mouth environment and strongest foundations possible. There is so much information in our lives now that it is very hard to discern what is useful and what is irrelevant. At Smile On Mona Vale, our patients are treated on a ‘journey’, at the end of which they have formed a powerful, intimate relationship with their teeth, gums and smile.

At Smile On Mona Vale, we find that patients are able to achieve the best outcomes when there is a clearly defined, attractive smile goal to work towards, combined with an awareness of how their daily hygiene practices are actively preventing dental disease, discomfort, inconvenience and pain. Here’s what to expect on your journey:

Consultation – Open and honest discussion

The Journey begins with an open and honest discussion at a dedicated consultation appointment, or at the start of your induction appointment. We aim to give you a foundational knowledge of what treatments may be involved in achieving your dream smile, and what will be required to maintain the smile for as long as possible.

Induction – Record collection and Treatment planning

Gone are the days of being talked at by the dentist while they prattle off numbers and odd words that mean nothing to you. At Smile On Mona Vale, we take full-colour 3D scans, high-quality photos, videos and in-house x-rays, we then present these to you like a project for respectful, face-to face discussion and planning. Your treatments will be prioritised and planned out as far as reasonably allowable. This prevents any nasty surprises later down the line and allows you to see the whole picture, including the end goal. At the end of your induction appointment, you will receive your “INFORMED” badge which lasts for 18 months and represents achieving a high level of knowledge of your oral health, making you eligible for further treatment.

Hygiene – Start the journey right

You wouldn’t prepare food on a dirty benchtop, but that’s exactly what happens when trying to complete dental treatment in an unhygienic mouth! We believe in the holistic connection of the mouth and whole body, so establishing, and advising how to maintain cleanliness is an essential first step to a smile you love for many years to come. At the end of this appointment, you will receive a “CLEAN” badge, which lasts for six months and gives eligibility for restorative and cosmetic treatment.

Restorative treatment – Build a good foundation

A healthy set of teeth don’t just look great, they are an essential part of a overall health. Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by microscopic bacteria that destroy the natural structures that make up your teeth and keep them anchored firmly in your gums. Leaving areas of gum disease or tooth decay unaddressed allows this destruction to continue unchecked, leading to preventable pain, unnecessary expense and inconvenience. At the end of this phase, you will receive a “HEALTHY” badge, making you eligible for cosmetic treatment.

Cosmetic treatment – Get a smile you love

You now have the best knowledge, cleanest mouth environment and strongest foundations possible on which to build the smile of your dreams. Our team is obsessed with creating a highly customised, perfectly fitting smile that you will love! The secret weapon is crystal clear communication through technology. Your smile will be planned based on your personal preferences, face shape, and personal values. We have a number of different approaches including invisalign, composite veneers, whitening and porcelain veneers, and the power and technology to simulate and communicate exactly what to expect on your cosmetic journey. Don’t leave getting your perfect smile to chance, plan for success with your friendly Smile On Mona Vale Team.

Preventative treatment – Keep the smile you love!

The only way to maintain the health of your mouth and identify issues before they arise is to establish a strong, long-term relationship with your dental team and hygiene department. Regularly updated dental records and a holistic care plan means that you will have healthy teeth for life. At the end of this appointment, you will receive a “CLEAN” badge, which lasts for six months and gives eligibility for restorative and cosmetic treatment.

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