What is Invisalign?

This treatment uses a series of customized clear resin trays (designed from your teeth) changed on a weekly basis that are gradually moving your teeth into a straighter position.

Do you need Invisalign?

If you want a simple, easy and discreet orthodontic treatment without the needs for braces, Invisalign may be the right system for you!

Typical Invisalign treatment journey

Variable ~ 6 appointments

 1. Consultation

Dr Ned and the Smile On Team will discuss your smile goals while educating and informing you of the necessary preparations and requirements that different treatments carry.

2. Induction & Clean

The team will take a full set of diagnostic records so you and Dr Ned can get a clear picture of your unique oral environment. By the end of this appointment, Dr Ned will be able to assess your suitability for invisalign and tailor your treatment plan to achieve your smile goals. You will receive a professional clean to start your dental journey with a hygienic and healthy environment. At the end of this appointment your photos and 3D scan will be sent to our Invisalign team to provide a digital simulation (Clincheck) of your predicted treatment length and results.

3. Clincheck review (2 weeks later)

Dr Ned will have prepared a 3D simulation video of your Invisalign journey. This digital simulation is prepared beforehand so you can see through a video animation how long it will take to move your teeth from their current position to straight alignment.once treatment is approved, the aligners will be shipper from Invisalign’s manufacturing facility.

4. Preparation appointment: (2 weeks later)

The teeth are prepared with interproximal reduction and/or tooth coloured ‘buttons’ attached to specific teeth that require complex forces to move them into the correct position; this is a 60 minute visit.

5. Monitoring appointments

The aligners are changed on a weekly basis and you will return every 2 – 4 weeks to pick up your next set of aligners and for Dr Ned to review your progress, complete any additional procedures as necessary, and to provide specific advice and support throughout your journey until treatment is complete.

6. Retention appointment

Once the aligner treatment is finished the buttons are removed and you will be fitted with retainers to maintain the outcome of your treatment.

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