Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Professional whitening involves exposing clean, healthy, mineralised enamel to peroxide for a controlled period of time, encouraging the chemical breakdown of stains and a brighter, more radiant smile.

Do you need teeth whitening?

Clients desiring a brighter, whiter smile either at-home, with our proprietary whitening process or in just one hour with our in-office whitening treatment – Philips Zoom!

Typical teeth whitening treatment journey

4 appointments

 1. Consultation

Dr Ned and the Smile On Team will will discuss your smile goals while educating and informing you of the necessary preparations and requirements that different treatments carry.

2. Induction & Clean

The team will take a full set of diagnostic records so you and Dr Ned can get a clear picture of your unique oral environment. By the end of this appointment, Dr Ned will be able to assess your suitability for whitening and tailor your treatment plan to achieve your smile goals. You will receive a professional clean to start your dental journey with a hygienic and healthy environment.

3. Microabrasion (Optional additional whitening service)

To achieve the best whitening treatment the bleaching gel will need to be in contact with clean tooth enamel that has a healthy density of the right minerals. If the tooth is under/over mineralized, or has a buildup of plaque, the whitening gel cannot deliver a uniform result over the enamel layer and the treatment outcome will be patchy and/or will deliver insignificant results. The whitening treatment can still be performed without these prerequisites being met but maximum results will not be achievable.

4a. Whitening (in-chair)

This appointment starts with pre-operative photos, cleaning and isolation of the teeth to ensure only healthy tooth enamel is exposed to the bleaching gel. This is followed by 4x 15min sessions of whitening under the Philips Zoom! Lamp. Once the whitening treatment has been completed, the gel and protective set-up is removed and a remineralising topical cream will be applied to your teeth to enhance the whitening results further and minimise tooth sensitivity.

4b. Whitening (take-home)

You will be provided with a customised set of reusable whitening trays, remineralising topical cream, and a syringe of dentist-only hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. You will also receive an instructional video and activity sheet to guide you through the two-week treatment with ease and comfort.

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