Everything you want to know about Dental Veneers

We believe that everyone deserves a smile that they’re proud of, and dental veneers can help you achieve the smile of your dreams by improving the colour of your teeth, reshaping their appearance and hiding any imperfections.

The final outcome of veneers guarantees a realistic appearance sure to make you smile!

 What are veneers?

Veneers are a thin layer of material added to the visible surfaces of a tooth (usually just on the front). Treatment with veneers is a targeted, efficient and effective treatment option for patients looking for a solution to improve the appearance of their smile.

Veneers are commonly made from one of two different materials:

  • Composite veneers: a high-quality filling material available in limited shades, applied in a single visit that usually lasts for about 5 years.
  • Porcelain veneers: a ceramic material, custom-fabricated by a laboratory for teeth that have been appropriately prepared to receive them. Porcelain veneers are available in an unlimited combination of shades and opacities and last up to 20 years.

Who are veneers suitable for?

Veneers are suitable for patients with relatively straight, otherwise healthy teeth and gums, who would like to improve the colour, shape, or minor alignment of the teeth visible in their smile.

What does the process involve?

The process is usually completed in four appointments:

  1. Record collection and treatment planning – photos, x-rays and 3D scans are acquired to plan the ideal smile and ensure the teeth and gums are in an appropriate state to receive the treatment.
  2. Smile trial and workshop – a simulation of a smile that Dr Rick and his technician have worked out to suit your face and desired ‘look’. You will have the opportunity to make changes at this stage and the design will be finalised.
  3. Preparation – the teeth to be veneered are shaped so that all veneers will be of even thickness, fit well onto the teeth without gaps, and be of appropriate size relative to the lips.
  4. Cementation – the veneers will be permanently bonded to the teeth.

The final step is a review, where we make sure the veneers are fitting well, bite is even, and gums and teeth are healthy.

How long does it take?

A set of veneers can be completed in as little as 5 weeks from record collection to cementation.

Does it hurt?

Veneers do not hurt; the appointments will be performed under local anaesthetic and anxiety medication is available to ensure an easy and pleasant treatment.

How much does it cost?

Composite veneers start from $750 per tooth.
Porcelain veneers from $1500 per tooth.

Who will be applying my dental veneers?

Dr Rick Iskandar, principal dentist at Tailored Teeth in Sydney’s Inner West, is the dentist behind your brand new smile. He’s passionate about providing a refreshingly open, optimistic, informative and caring experience for his patients, utilising the latest dental methods, technology and techniques to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Improve the aesthetics of your smile with dental veneers

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