Importance of hygiene while you have Covid-19 and dental visit after you have had COVID

Everyone knows that hygiene measures help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Considering that the mouth is one of the main routes of contamination, its hygiene is essential to reduce the amount of virus and possibly reduce its spread.

There are already studies showing that a person who has tested positive for the virus has a high level of contamination in saliva. Oral hygiene, on a regular basis, is always fundamental, but especially important in the fight against covid-19, as it can reduce the amount of virus and, consequently, the risk of contagion. Simple measures, such as brushing and flossing, reduce viral load, that is, they are able to mechanically remove bacteria and also the coronavirus.

Mouthwash is an additional resource, in addition to mechanical removal with a brush and dental floss, because it has substances with antimicrobial action, which help to reduce dental biofilm. “With the correct hygiene of the mouth, the chances of the virus reaching the lung cells, the main targets of the disease, are reduced”, says Dr Rick.

If you have already had Covid-19, your visit to the dentist is essential. Check out why:

  1. There are studies that show us evidence of worse disease outcomes in patients with Covid-19, who also had periodontal disease.
  1. We now know that Covid-19 is largely an inflammatory disease, getting over Covid-19 is a great reminder to all of us to get a handle on our overall levels of inflammation, which should start with removing sources of inflammation from our mouths, the first point of contact for the air that we breathe and everything we eat and drink.
  1. Being sick is one of the top reasons we hear about why we have let our oral hygiene slide, it’s a good idea to get a dentist to assess for any damage and re-establish the cleanliness and a state of health in our mouths that we can maintain after a period where we have let things slide.
  1. We’re a friendly smiling face that you can come and see to get you out of the house after iso.

If you have a toothache, don’t avoid going to the dentist. According to Dr Rick, oral health is also important and should be taken seriously, but the risks must be weighed. It is important to do oral hygiene at home correctly, to avoid further damage.

However, if you have a toothache or any symptoms in the mouth region, you need to seek care. “Dental emergencies are the only cases in which treatment is not postponed: due to the risk of worsening the health condition presented by the patient, due to the possibility of causing systemic repercussions, or even, due to the severity of the compromise of the patient’s health that causes him greater damage. Thus, being aware of the care to avoid contagion by Covid-19 (use of masks, personal hygiene, social distance) are ways to preserve life and better face the situation we are going through “, concludes Dr Rick.


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