What cosmetic dental procedure is right for me?

Cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and teeth straightening have increased in popularity in recent years. Appropriate, well-executed cosmetic treatment can improve your quality of life significantly. In contrast, inadequate or unsuitable cosmetic surgery can lead to a lifetime of complications.

What are dental cosmetic procedures?

Dental cosmetic treatments involve changing the shape, colour, or location of the teeth to improve the aesthetic appeal of the smile for reasons other than correcting disease.

The most commonly performed dental cosmetic procedures are:

Teeth Whitening

Clear Aligners, e.g., Invisalign

Composite Bonding/Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

How do I get the right cosmetic dental procedures?

The process of improving your smile should always begin with an open and honest discussion (usually called a consultation) with your dental professional. The only way to create a beautiful, healthy, stable smile is with teamwork.

The degree to which your cosmetic treatment will be successful depends on:

  1. The experience of the dentist who will be performing the procedure(s) for you
  2. The suitability of the cosmetic procedure chosen for achieving your smile goals
  3. The health and cleanliness of your teeth and gums
  4. The honesty of communication with your cosmetic dentist
  5. Your ability to follow all home-care and maintenance instructions

Comprehensive and thorough planning, combined with digital simulations, are utilised at Tailored Teeth to ensure our patients have an idea of what results to expect from a particular cosmetic procedure.

What is the process to get cosmetic dentistry at Tailored Teeth?

Getting cosmetic dental procedures in Sydney means finding the right dentist first. From there, the typical process is:

  1. CONSULTATION: Dr Rick will discuss your smile goals while educating and informing you of the necessary preparations and requirements that different treatments carry.
  2. INDUCTION & CLEAN: We will record all necessary information (3D scans, photos, x-rays, dental examination, medical and dental history) during your induction as a patient at Tailored Teeth. By the end of this appointment, we will have enough information to communicate and begin to plan your treatment. Your treating dentist will clean your teeth and gums to start your dental journey in a hygienic and healthy environment. Based on our findings during this appointment, you will receive a report proposing a treatment journey.
  3. HEALTHY: If we have identified any disease in your mouth, we will rectify these and restore your teeth and gums to a healthy state before starting cosmetic treatment.
  4. COSMETIC TREATMENT: At this stage, we will perform your cosmetic treatment, and educate you on how to care for and maintain your newly perfected smile.
  5. MAINTENANCE AND PROTECTION: After finalising your new smile, the team will help you to maintain it by scheduling regular recall appointments, monitoring the state of your smile closely, and identifying and addressing potential complications with a preventative approach.